Comparison between Lens Flare, Color Temperature, and Color Rendering Index of LED Lamp & High Pressure Sodium Lamp


200W High Pressure Sodium Lamp


60W LED Street Light


Under the same level illumination, the Color Rendering Index of white light LED Lamp is much better that the objects are very clear to distinguish, while, though the High Pressure Sodium Lamp is also very bright, its Color Rendering Index is very poor, the vision for objects’ primary color is bad! So at the same level illumination, the Luminous Lux of white light LED source could be lower than the traditional lamp.


Low Power Consumption and Cost of LED Street Light


As picture NS01, NSRL-005 E40 100W LED Street Light ( Below One) equals to the 250W High Pressure Sodium Lamp (above one, the actual power consumption is 290W.)

Comparison diagram for 2 years Power Consumption of LED Street Light & High Pressure Sodium Lamp (10 working hours per day):


From the above picture we could see that each LED Street Light could save 600Kwh power per year, if the power cost is 0.2USD/Kwh, then each LED Street Light could save 120USD; if there 10000PCS traditional lamp will be replaced by LED Street Light, then could save 6 million Kwh power per year, and 1.2 million USD. It’s obvious that using LED Street Lamp could save very big cost.


Low Use of Copper Cable and Investment


Install 1450PCS street lamp on both sides of a 100 kilometre new street, distance between lamp pole is 35m, height is 10m, if use High Pressure Sodium Lamp(Start-up current 4.54A), then it will use 4*35m²Copper Cable on the normal situation of on the distance of 1.5kms to install one transformer; while, if NSRL-005 100W LED Street Light, then it will only use 4*10mm²Copper Cable between poles, its 4.2USD/M; and 1*1.5 mm²in the pole, its 0.75USD/M. The below picture is comparison diagram for Copper Consumption between LED Street Light & High Pressure Sodium Lamp:


Comparison diagram for Copper Investment between LED Street Light & High Pressure Sodium Lamp


From the above comparison we could find that to use LED Street Light on the new street we could save copper 206.7tons, and 1.41million. Otherwise, we could reduce use of transformer and the project construction. So integrate the investment of lamp, copper cable, and transformer we could find out that the construct investment of LED Street Light illumination is almost the same as traditional Street Lamp illumination , even a little lower, though the cost of LED lamp is higher than the traditional Street Lamp.


Long Lifespan & Low Replacement Cost

The lifespan of LED Street Light is more than 2.5 times of High Pressure Sodium Lam’s. Each High Pressure Sodium Lamp need to be replaced per 2 years, while, the LED Street Light is no need maintenance for continuously working 5 years. The below picture is comparison diagram for lifespan of LED Street Light & High Pressure Sodium Lamp


Resource conservation & environment friendly

采用Led 路灯照明,除了带来可观的经济利益外,还会带来巨大的社会效益。一万盏250W高压钠灯在采用Led 路灯更换后每年可以节约600万度电。

Uses the Led street light illumination, besides brings the considerable economic interest, it will also bring huge social efficiency.  Every year could save 6 million Kwh power after replacing 10 thousand High Pressure Sodium Lamp by LED Street Light.

So much power conservation means the reducing of coal use, and also reduce the waste of sulfide and carbide. The below picture shows each resource conservation and the reducing waste after replacing 10 thousand High Pressure Sodium Lamp by LED Street Light.


High Intellectualization

因为Led 光源是通过PWM方式进行驱动,所以一些智能控制功能比如分时控制、声光控制、网络控制、无线控制及自动适应控制等都很容易实现。

As the driver of LED source is carried out by PWM way, that makes some of the intelligent control function such as time control, acousto-optic control, network control, wireless control and automatic adaptive control realize very easy.




The heating system of the lamp use high thermal conductivity material of aluminum alloy or the aluminum alloy casting material which makes the lamp with good heat dissipation.


The lens of the lamp use the super white tempered glass, which makes the lens has good features of high strength and transmittance (the transmittance is more than 93%).


The body of the lamp is a whole stainless steel fastening piece which makes the lamp has long lifespan.

每颗Led 配置独立一次光学系统,光学系统取光效率高达93%以上,发光率达到110lm/w以上。

Each LED chip is collocated an independent optical system whose transmittance is more than 93% and illumination is higher than 110Lm/W.


Small frontal area and high stability reduce the wind resistance effectively and load of lamp pole, which is advantaged for going against the wind, make it safe and reliable.


The heat-skin use alloy die-casting material with high thermal conductivity, which is much better for heat dissipation than normal materials and thus extends the working life of LED lights.


Our LED lights use the PVC casing, which is anti-heat, anti-moisture, anti-corrosion, durable, and use the transparent epoxy glue for sealing.

8. 不含汞、铅等有害物质,健康,环保。

Without harmful substances such as mercury and lead, healthy and environmentally-friendly.


The luminous efficiency is up to more than 90lm/w, with color rendering effect obviously better than traditional light,without light glaring. The illumination of our LED light is clear, even, soft, comfortable, and pleasant to the eyes.


Use constant current and constant voltage control and reduce the interference to the electrical wire to ensure the efficiency of power supply, thus effectively extends the working life of the Led light.


Applicable to the solar power system.


Our products’ quality and design are focus on the high-end market, we have our own independent research and development Dept., we also have applied for many patents, own the intellectual property.


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